So is the weather lately. Michigan has been hammered with floods and more rain and now tornadoes. Talk about insane! Oklahoma has been relentlessly smashed by tornadoes for several weeks now. At the moment the weather here is fairly clear. Overcast, but no visible storms building.

From a writing perspective, I've been attending a lot of conventions and conferences and have learned many valuable tips to improve my writing, marketing and promoting skills.
I'm working on revising an older story and rough drafting the second book in my Caspians series.
I've also worked on several fanfic updates. I need to get those edited and posted.

Meanwhile my Marine BFF and I are working on our co written fanfic and with the weather being so insane lately we haven't been able to finish as much as we'd like to have.

Now, for life itself, things have gotten just as hectic. I'm looking for work outside the home, so is my hubby. So far, no luck, but we intend to keep trying. There is talk about a possible move, though we have no idea how we will afford to move everything.

As for the webpage. I'm slowly updating each aspect. I think it's time to put the fanfic pages




I have just revamped the homepage and added the blurb for my first book.The release dates are posted and the cover art is coming soon.
Check back frequently as this site is going through a major overhaul.

This blog will be for updating my readers about the progress on my fanfictions.
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